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OpenTheftAuto  v.1.0

A free game that will run on many operating systems that is similar to Grand Theft Auto, allowing first or third person shooting action and online multiplayer play.

Korab (now korab2)  v.1.0

This is a 2D shooting action game for two players for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Current release written in C++ using the SDL library with its extensions. Next release will be in Java.

Strange Attractor  v.2.0

Strange Attractor is an awesome space free shooting game. You are an intergalactic explorer. Your mission is to explore every new planet out there. On this particular mission you noticed some heavy alien activity.

Metal Slug  v.4.0

Metal Slug is an interesting action game for free. In this version of the Metal Slug series, you must infiltrate into the enemy territory and shoot down all the enemy that come along your way. Also don't forget to shoot down the hostile guards that

Antcity  v.1.0

Antcity is an interesting shooting game for free. If you want to play God with a magnifying glass, now your chance. Your only choice is to be merciless with this human city. Use the giant magnifying glass to burn up the residents in ant city game.

2112 Cooperation  v.1.0

2112 Cooperation is a shooting game for free. This is the end episode of battle with enemies. In this episode your first mission is rescue your friend from prison. You must in a cooperation with your friend and destroy the enemies at the missions.

Andy Law  v.1.0

Andy Law is an interesting action game for free. A new super hero, with an endless Weapons, Guns, Amo, levels. Attack and kill all the enemies before they kill you. Play Andy Law game and fight against an oppressive society as you attempt to recover

Camper Strike  v.1.9

Camper Strike is a cool target practice shooting game. The aim of the game is simple, Hit as many targets as possible to proceed to the next level before the time expires. All you have to do is, spot a target and move your sights on to it, zoom in on

City Invasion  v.0.03

City Invasion is an interesting action game for free. The city's defenses have been crippled by a massive earthquake. The enemy has taken this opportunity to launch an attack. It's up to you to rally your men and push back this vile assault. Build

Balloon Cat  v.1.0

Flash original free shooting additive game by ArcadeGamePlace.comThe cat is flying on the balloon with a gun. It shoots the monsters and dragons, avoids their shots, and collects bonuses that kitten generates (armor, bullets, scores). You have three

Robokill Trainer  v.2.0

Robokill Trainer is a interesting action game for free.

Metal Slug Brutal  v.1.0

Metal Slug Brutal is an action game for free.

InFamous  v.1.0

inFamous is an interesting action game for free.

Rapid Randy  v.1.0

Rapid Randy is an exciting shooting game.

Stick Bang  v.1.0

Stick Bang is an interesting action game for free.

The Last Defense  v.1.0

The Last Defense is an shooting game for free.

Nobuyuki Forces  v.3.0

Nobuyuki Forces is an interesting shooting game.

Super Soldier  v.1.0

Super Soldier is an action game for free.

Urban Specialist  v.1.0

Urban Specialist is an interesting action game for free.

Moolga  v.1.0

Moolga is an interesting shooting game for free.

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